• Formal Courses Offered
  • Admissions and Requirements
  • Programme Breakdown
  • Course Outline
  • Formal courses offered

Internationally recognised Diploma in ayurveda nursing, panchakarma and yoga

Diploma issuing authority - BSS (  Indian goverment certified agency)

Date of commencement of the course - June every year

Kottathil Ayurveda Hospital [KAH] offers authentic ayurveda education, services, and products.Our faculty members are qualified ayurveda doctors or people specialized in their fields.Curriculum is based on the curriculums of BSS.For those who want more practical experience we offer in-house supervised interships.

  • Admissions and Requirements

Kottathil Ayurveda Hospital’s intake of students is limited in each batch [approximately 20 students]

Requirement for Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing, Panchkarma and Yoga [DANPY]

Minimum a high school diploma and an interest in alternative medicine or holistic healing modalities. Students with bachelors’ or masters’ degrees in any field; or Certified/Licensed practioners in a health-related field including MassageTherapy, Chiropractic, Nursing, Naturopathy and Allopathic Medicine are welcome.

For further questions or queries feel free to contact the Course Coordinator.

  • Programme Breakdown

Classroom Study

First module;       -      1st -6th week        - 216 hrs.

Second module    -      7th -15th week      - 216 hrs.

Third module       -      16th - 24thwee      - 166 hrs.

Practical Study

Second module    -       7th -15th week      - 162hrs.

Third module      -       16th - 24thweek      -  212 hrs.

Projects                                                    - 40 hrs.

Total                                                                    - 1012 hrs.

  • Course Outline

DAP 102        Body work/theraputic -Panchakarma procedures

DAP 103 Study on medicinal plants.         - Dravyaguna

DAP 104         Ayurveda pharmacy.                          - Bhaishagyakalpana

DAP 105 Anatomy Rachana Sareera.

DAP 106         Physiology Kriya Sareera

DAP 107         Yoga Yogavijana

DAP 108         Ayurveda Nursing

DAP 109         Human Resource Development