According To Ayurveda, degenerative conditions occur mainly due to the imbalance of the three doshas which maintains the equilibrium of the body. Mainly the vata dosha controls the whole sensory and motor activites of the body,  brain is the center of all these activities, due to aeging process the neurons get degenerated or its efficiency get decreased which is maintained by the kapha dosha, thus a disturbance in the normalcy will be leading to the further complications. Along with vata and kapha, the pitta dosha provides the fire, the energy for individual cells to digest and absorb its active elements and to maintain its works. This get decreased with age, this needs to be treated.

Thus maintaining all three doshas with internal medicines and different panchakarma procedures we can make the neurons back to its normalcy.

Treatment Modalities - Thala, Nasya, Sirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Pichu, Sirovasti, Ksheeradhooma, Lepana, Medhya Rasayanas etc.