Our Specialities

Our specialties are in seven clinics, we have specialized ayurvedic treatments for these disorders, developed by our specialist doctors with the guidance and supervision of eminent doctors from different system of medicines. According to ayurveda every part of the body is termed anga and if any problem/disorder affect particular anga whole body will try to recover by supporting that particular part, this is the basic approach of wholistic treatment.

Ayurveda considers whole body and treatment modalities are designed in such a manner that each and every organ and organ system get benefitted by ayurvedic treatments

1. Brain disorders

Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Facial palsy, Trigeminal neuralgia, Migraine, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression etc.

Treatment Modalities - Thala, Nasya, Sirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Pichu, Sirovasti, Ksheeradhooma, Lepana, Medhya Rasayanas etc.

2. Spinal Disorders

Intervertebral disc prolapse (I.V.D.P.), Scoliosis, Degenerative changes, Lumbago- Sciatica, Radial - Ulnar nerve Palsies, Cervical - Lumbar spondylosis (C.S,L.S.), Vertigo etc.

Treatment Modalities - Spinal Massages, Tractions, Lepanas, Bandages, Patrapodala Swedas, Steambath, Kadeekashaya Vastis, Virechana etc.

3. Bone & Joint Disorders

Rheumatic fever, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Gout, Tennis elbow, Calcaneal spur, Frozen shoulder, Painful arc syndrome, Bone fractures, dislocations etc.

Treatment Modalities - Traditional Snehana, Swedana and Panchakarma therapies

4. Mother & Child Clinic

Pre and Post-natal Care, Dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Obesity, New born care, Congenital Disorders, Delayed and retarded growth, Cerebral palsy etc.

Treatment Modalities - Uzhichil, Dhara, Lepana, Kshalana, Pichu, Uttaravastis, Shastikannalepana, Lehya, Medhya rasayanas etc.

5. Ano-rectal Clinic

Bleeding & Non-bleeding piles, Anal Fissures, Fistula-in-ano, Pilonidal sinus,Abscess, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastritis, Indigestion, Grasping, Gastric ulcers, Anorexia etc.

Treatment Modalities - Most curative Ayurvedic “Ksharasutra” Therapy, Avagaha

6. General clinic

Diabetes mellites, Hypertension, Hypercholestremia, Dermal Diseases like Psoriasis, Urticaria and Non-healing Ulcers, cronchial & Allergic Asthma, Sinusitis, Renal Calculi, Jaundice, Male & Female Infertility, Ophthalmic & ENT disorders etc.

Treatment Modalities - Specific Kashaya, Gulika, Choorna kalpanas., Leha kalpanas

7. Geriatric Clinic

General debility, Weakness, Insomnia, Alzhemer’s disease, Parkinsonism, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Mental depression, Anxiety, Hallucination, Paranoid and Persecutory fears etc

Treatment Modalities - Sarvanga Abyanga, Siropada lepa, Pizhichil, Njavara lepana, Tarpana and Poorana, Rejuvenative Rasayanas, Yoga and Pranayama, Close monitoring of physical and mental status, Counselling, Adaptable environment.