Ophthalmic Clinic


Acoording to ayurveda eye is one of the important indriya (sense organ) of jatroordha ( above neck). Special ayurvedic treatments are well described to protect this indriya from ailments

In ayurveda detailed discussion of eye, with disease causing factor, pathology and treatments are mentioned in salakya tantra

Special ayurvedic panchakarma procedures give complete cure of diseases and healthy functioning of eye.

Along with panchakarma special ayurvedic procedures like netra tharpanam, putapakam, sekam, dara, siro pichu, siro vasthi, siro dara, anjanam, aschyothanam are mentioned along with specially prepared natural medicines and diet regime

According to ayurveda pitta dosha controls the activities of eye . Any vitiation in the function of this dosha will lead to a disease condition, this can happen due to increase , blockage, decrease from its normalcy. Along with pitta dosha other doshas vata and kapha get vitiated and different types of combinations resulting in different diseases.

Special panchakarma procedures like nasyam and virechanam give maximum results with zero side effects

In ayurveda the wholistic science recommend specific measures both diet and activity which will maintain the doshic balance and keep the state of arogya ( health)